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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
Exeter Pheonix

Dir. Brady Corbet
115 mins | 2018 | USA


Fri 17 May: 1.30pm & 8.45pm

Sat 18 May: 8pm

Sun 19 May: 7pm

Mon 20 May: 7.30pm

Tue 21 May: 7.30pm

Natalie Portman delivers a sensational performance as a pop diva in Brady Corbet’s follow-up to his feature directorial debut, The Childhood of a Leader.

In 1999: teenager Celeste, a survivor of a high school shooting, performs a song composed with her sister at a memorial for her murdered classmates and in so doing, captures the attention of a manager, who sets her on the path to fame.

Years later, the now adult Celeste is a Gaga-esque global superstar; but so wounded and jaded by the corporate machinery of the music business that she has become an entirely different animal – a hard-nosed 21st century brand. Burying her neuroses in the toxic excesses of her increasingly artificial world, she is struggling to stage a career rebirth despite personal problems and a scandal that refuses to die.

An audacious, jaggedly cynical commentary on the nature of celebrity culture in America, Vox Lux delivers a wider review of two decades of the country’s recent history. Featuring a magnificent score from Scott Walker and songs by Sia, plus arch narration from Willem Dafoe that sets the action at a cool remove, Vox Lux reveals Corbet anew as one of the most dynamic contemporary American filmmakers