Ways To Submit by Ira Brand

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Friday, 17 January 2020
Maketank, 3-5 Paris St

A show about dominance and submission.

The ways we give in, and the ways we take control. Physically, psychologically, sexually, socially. Through the body, through language, and through structures of power.

Ways To Submit invites you in to a fantasy, a game, a dialogue, a performance, a fight: a series of duets in which power is at work.

Ways To Submit tries to understand the body – and the performance space – as a site of resistance and a site of succumbing. It explores what it means to play at dominance and submission. And who has the privilege to ‘play’?

‘Left reeling by @irabrand’s quite extraordinary Ways To Submit @YardTheatre. Strikes me as a work of quietly intense moral commitment and humanity, and, in its last few moments especially, as important a thing as I’ve seen in a theatre in the last couple of years. Radiant.’ Chris Goode, playwright & theatre-maker, on twitter

‘Ira Brand is a riveting performer, at once both thought provoking and playful, irresistibly engaging… She challenges the audience to consider their relationship with what is happening onstage… she interlinks different frameworks of submission and dominance, linking fighting and sex in particular, but placing them in a wider conversation about the structures of power society upholds. Ways To Submit is a fantastic and constantly surprising piece of theatre that discusses power on multiple levels…’ The Spy In The Stalls, 4 Stars

‘A personal and endorsing shout from the rooftops for @irabrand’s Ways To Submit @YardTheatre. A simple premise and a clear performer offered space for me as an audience to consider my violence, my body and equity in dominance and submission. YES YES YES.’ Michael Norton, audience member, on twitter