You are so very beautiful #yasvb Craftivism with Rebel Craft Alliance

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Saturday, 6 October 2018
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Exeter Library
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You Are So Very Beautiful – the project Craft + Activism = Craftivism is as much about fighting the bad things in the world as it is about fighting the bad things we tell ourselves. We live in a world where the media is constantly telling us what is in, out, cool etc. Every day we have to fight to remember that we are enough just as we are. Some days though, we forget. And those days can drag on into weeks and months. It’s time to remind ourselves and others of just how wonderful we all inherently are. We can do this by creating colourful stitched affirmations, and leaving them in places for people to find, people who need to hear those words just as much, if not more than you do. How: ● Make a small sign, no bigger than palm size. Words start with ‘you are…’ ● Children can either stitch or write onto fabric with fabric pens depending on ability level. ● We will encourage that participants make two, if they want to take one home with them, so that there is another to leave in the library. ● Attach a label with the hashtag #yasvb (you are so very beautiful) to the back. ● Place it somewhere around the library where a visitor will find it. This event is part of Exeter Library’s Fun Palace weekend.