Exciting interactive exhibition brings art to life in Exeter

Just as the art world is struggling it is great to see two Exeter University students, Sophie Batten and Rachel Glover stepping up and curating their first exhibition in the centre of Exeter.

Sophie and Rachel accepted Woohoo Art Events CIC invitation to organise its innovative “A Novel Art Mystery” exhibition, which is showcasing an eclectic mix of local artworks in a collaboration by two sister galleries on Fore Street, The Glorious Art House and Lost and Found Art. There will be plenty of opportunity for visitors to the exhibition to get involved, with an interactive element in which each painting is paired with the title of a book. Visitors simply match five of the titles to the art for a chance to win a prize.

Anna Fitzgerald from Woohoo Art Events CIC said “We are so pleased to see Sophie and Rachel giving their time to support the community. Woohoo is all about community and provides support for local artists, some of who struggle to overcome mental and physical issues.”

Rosie Cunningham, Anna’s business partner added, “Woohoo provides our artists with a platform to showcase and sell their art. Our ethos is to put on fun events to encourage people who may not visit more formal art galleries to engage with art.”

A Novel Art Mystery exhibition, which has been acclaimed by The City of Literature, runs from 3rd-14th November 10-3 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday and is free to visitors thanks to funding provided by Exeter City Council.

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