Exeter: Beneath the Blitz

People can gain a fascinating insight into the Exeter Blitz and how locals took refuge from the falling bombs in Exeter’s Underground Passages at a series of events next week.


This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Exeter Blitz of 1942. Although the first bombs fell on Exeter on 25 April 1942, it was not until a few days later on 4 May that the city was devastated by what has become known as the Exeter Blitz. To commemorate these events, Exeter’s Underground Passages & the Red Coat Guided Tours have planned a number of events running from Monday (1 May) until Sunday (7 May).


Exeter’s Red Coat Tours will be running their special Exeter Blitz tours from Monday 1 May until Saturday 6 May. Departing from Exeter Cathedral at 10:30am , with an additional 3pm tour on Thursday 4 May and finishing in Northernhay Gardens, these tours offer the opportunity to discover how Exeter was affected by the air raids and how this event shaped the city we know today.


The much-anticipated one-day Exeter: Beneath the Blitz event at Exeter’s Underground Passages has been extended and will now run from Monday 1 May until Sunday 7 May. Containing an expanded and interactive exhibition, the interpretation centre will also feature a unique film documenting the experiences of those who lived through wartime Exeter and including a number of living memory interviews conducted with survivors of the Exeter Blitz.


During WWII, Exeter’s Underground Passages were rated as an ARP (Air Raid Precautions) refuge, and used by local residents to shelter during air raids. Hourly Blitz tours will run throughout the entire event to allow visitors the rare chance to experience the realities of sheltering from the Luftwaffe.


Entrance to the interpretation center and exhibition will be free for the duration of the event. Normal admission prices apply to the Blitz guided tours.


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