Exeter’s Best Spots For Eating Out With Food Allergies

Exeter’s Best Spots For Eating Out With Food Allergies


Food allergies are on the rise in the UK; according to Allergy UK, 44% of adults now suffer from at least one food allergy. Eating out with food allergies can be an extremely daunting and stressful task. Fortunately, Exeter is home to an array of fabulous eateries that not only offer incredible cuisine, but that are also allergy-friendly. (I’ve tried and tested them so that you don’t have to!)


Hotel Du Vin – For the most delectable afternoon tea in the city, that also happens to be totally handmade on-site, and suitable for various food allergies, Hotel du Vin is the place to be. Think finger-sandwiches, pastries, petit fours, and fruit scones with lashings of cream and jam. While this incredible assortment is traditionally served with a pot of tea, there’s also the option to swap the teapot for a bottle of bubbly and add some sparkle to your afternoon of induldgement.


Hubbox – Think American-inspired cusine with a local twist. Serving an array of themed dishes – all of which are made with local ingridients wherever possible – Hubbox offers the best dirty fries (I would recommend trying th ‘Mother Clucker’ ones – they’re unlike anything you’ll have tasted before), burgers and mac n cheese in the city. The entire menu, minus some of the desserts is nut-free and almost everything is available gluten-free too. Plus there are plenty of dairy-free vegan dishes available too, including some incredible burgers!


Yo Sushi – It’s healthy, nutrious, and amazingly, the entire menu is free from nuts and peanuts. There’s also a wide range of gluten-free dishes available and a selection of vegetarian and vegan options too. If you’re looking for the perfect lunch spot to stop off at after a morning of shopping, this is the ideal place. If you’re eating as a group there are a range of booths available and if you’re shopping alone there’s plenty of seating designed for solo diners too.


Wagamamas – There’s a common misconception that as Wagamamas’ menu contains peanuts, it’s not a safe place for people with allergies to dine at, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. This Japanese-inspired restaurant provides a seperate area where dishes for people with allergies are prepared, and every dish on the menu is available free from nuts and peanuts. Plus, if you tell the server that you have an allergy, the manager will then deal with your entire order. The food is spectacular. The staff are extremely friendly and caring. And the approach to allergies is fantasitc. In need of comfort food with a healthy twist? Whether you’re craving Ramen, Chicken Katsu, or Steamed Buns, Wagamamas is the ideal place to head to.


Nandos – Craving chicken? There’s nowhere better than Nandos. Exeter is home to two Nandos restaurants, one in the city centre and one near Marsh Barton, and either can be faulted for their approach to food allergies. Aside from the nuts sold at the bar, Nandos is completely free from nuts and peanuts, meaning that there’s plenty of choice available. There are also plenty of gluten-free options and a vast and varied vegetarian and vegan menu. Again, once you inform your server of your allergy, a manager will take your order and your food will be cooked in an area that has been thourally cleaned down to prevent cross-contamination.


If you have a food allergy and are planning to eat out in Exeter, these eateries really are the best places to head to. They’re amazing with how they handle allergies and the food is incredible too.



Written By: Beth Mahoney

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