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Do you LOVE chicken? The kind of love where it’s all you can think about morning, noon and night? Or maybe you follow a plant-based diet and crave some naughty fried goodness? If so, you’ll feel right at home in Sidwell Street’s newest resident, Eat the Bird.

Served over a soundtrack of old school funk, soul & hip hop, this chilled out indie restaurant’s menu includes mouth-wateringly good ‘funky’ fried chicken burgers, the cheesiest mac ‘n cheese, dirty fries and malt shakes with insane flavours. They also have an extensive vegan menu that can’t be missed.

For this week’s #FinditinExeter we sat down with Adam and Luke, Exeter’s Eat the Birds manager and head chef, to chat all things funky fried food.

Eat the Bird was started in 2017 by two guys called Dan and Chris when they opened their first restaurant in Taunton. They then expanded into Exeter in July of this year and brought Adam and Luke on board to run this new venture.

The entire Eat the Bird menu is made fresh and inhouse and, as much as is possible, sourced locally, including their sauces, pickles, slaws and Maryland style seitan! It is a celebration of chicken and the team’s passion for what they create is overflowing. Perhaps you’ll order a ‘Double Dip’? Boneless Maryland style fried chicken served in a Hobbs roll with smoked bacon, jack cheese, chipotle BBQ and crispy fried onion which is then double dipped in southern gravy. Or ‘The Chicktator’? Once again, a boneless Maryland style fried chicken served in a Hobbs roll, but this time with Korean BBQ, homemade kimchi, sriracha mayo and iceberg. To go with your burger you can grab a side of classic buffalo crispy fried whole wings, some dirty fries and not forgetting a funky shake – you can choose from cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly or banoffee pie to name but a few.

Vegetarians and vegans do not fear, you don’t miss out on the delicious food either. 90% of Eat the Bird’s main menu has been lovingly adapted to a plant-based option, including five of the six burger choices and the Nashville hot boneless bites courtesy of vegan hero, seitan. You can also grab yourself a vegan thick malt shake here, alongside wine, prosecco and craft beer. Eat the Bird can also claim that Gaz Oakley from blog Avant-Garde Vegan, who has racked up 343K followers on Instagram, thinks it is the best vegan fried chicken that he has ever had!

Two things not to miss with Eat the Bird: firstly every Tuesday is £5 Tuesdays! Chicken and vegan burgers and ¼ birds are £5 all day long. Secondly, students keep your eyes peeled for a huge giveaway during Freshers Week – the team will be giving away 300 burgers in one day!

What was that? You don’t have any plans yet for this weekend? Get yourself down to Eat the Bird and discover just how amazing their food is, perhaps you’ll agree when they say they’re the best fried chicken shop around!

Eat the Bird is open Sunday to Thursday 12pm – 9pm, Friday to Saturday 11am – 10pm and is also available through Deliveroo.

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