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Located just two doors away from Exeter’s Central Station is one of the city’s most iconic eateries, Exploding Bakery. Serving up third wave coffee, wholesome lunches, and their famous tray bakes, to a soundtrack of toe tapping tunes, makes it the ultimate meeting spot.

Named Exploding Bakery because of its scientific connotations, the company intended to explode onto the Exeter baking scene, and they certainly did that.

It all began seven years ago by Totnes school friends, Tom Oxford and Oli Coysh. They set out to bake small-batch, quality cakes by hand, solely for wholesale. Beginning with a production kitchen in a third of the retail space that they have today, a hatch was installed to serve coffee and cakes to Exeter’s passers-by. Retail was solely to help pay the bills. Luckily for you though, enticed by Exploding Bakery’s individuality, the wise folk of Exeter made their way inside.

Table after table was introduced into the space, and if there was not a seat free then customers would be found hanging out on the kitchen worktops drinking coffee. The wholesale business was rapidly growing around it all too. A welcoming mayhem that put the exploding into the Exploding Bakery.

Jump forward to today, and all of Exploding Bakery’s wholesale cake production has moved out of the city centre into their own premises in Matford. Here they serve clients such as the Cornish Bakery and Hotel du Vin. The original wholesale kitchen is now an open ‘cake laboratory’, the perfect place for the team of 15 to play around with new ideas and recipes. The cafe has also expanded into its former neighbour’s premises and is now a relaxing, quirky space.

Exploding Bakery pride themselves on being transparent in their sourcing by using only the finest, ethical ingredients – and when they can it’s always local.

A unique fact about the Exploding Bakery you ask? Well their plants take an hour to water twice a week – a lot of love and care, in fact the same level of commitment shown throughout their whole business.

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