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This week’s #FinditinExeter is the wonderfully eclectic Mantis, a charming jewellery and accessory shop located on Gandy Street, Exeter, specialising in contemporary silver and gemstone designs. The business is owned by Philippa Rutherford and her husband Nigel, a contemporary jewellery artist specialising in pieces inspired by nature with intricate designs. Mantis is a place where ideas and designs come to life. The InExeter team spoke to Philippa who shared five secrets of their success:

  1. Philippa’s husband Nigel designs and hand makes the Mantis collection in their summer house, tucked away in their back garden in Exeter.
  2. One piece of jewellery can take up to three weeks to create. The longest part of this process is the finishing where hundreds of delicate tools can be used to create the perfect finish.
  3. The first piece of jewellery Nigel ever made was inspired by a shell he found on a beach in Edinburgh. Now he is inspired by nature every day in his work, and even likes to use different recyclable materials from time to time, including acorns.
  4. Nigel adores handmade jewellery taking inspiration from around the world. He travels all the way to Indonesia to be inspired by designs, and purchase one off jewellery pieces created by others to sell in the shop.
  5. You can purchase gifts that are also handmade; from soaps made in Norfolk, to small wooden trinkets sculpted in Bali, this is a real gem of a shop.


Visit www.inexeter.com/mantis


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