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Burning a scented candle is the go to activity for instant relaxation and indulgence. But what do you do when your candle comes to an end and you don’t want to send it to landfill? This is when The Recycled Candle Company steps in. Exeter is now home to a business concept that is both innovative and hot in more ways than one – and we are proud to share that they are the only company in the UK to do what they do!

For this week’s #FinditinExeter we caught up with Richard and Sargon in their new Gandy Street premises, which opened at the beginning of this month, to discover everything there is to know about their zero waste, ethical candle making studio and shop.

The Recycled Candle Company collects scrap candle wax from commercial establishments, including hotels, restaurants, churches and cathedrals, alongside public donations, and takes it to be recycled and given a new life rather than going to landfill. After the wax is collected the duo melt it down, then clean, dye and scent it, ready to be made into beautiful new candles. All of this happens in their new site on Gandy Street.

The Recycled Candle Company launched six years ago, however the roots of their business formed when Richard was just eight years old. His mum bought him a candle making kit and his obsession for making candles has grown ever since.

Jump forward to today and the combination of a desire to forge a career as a candlemaker and meeting Sargon who saw the potential in the company, has brought a once simple business which was based in Richard’s bedroom to the public, and now to Exeter.

This zero to landfill business creates all sorts of vibrant candles; from candles poured into glass containers and tins, to pillar candles in a variety of shapes, to the humble candlestick. They also create fashionable wax planters, vases, trays and melt bars. Then with the 10% of wax that isn’t suitable quality for candles, the duo create wax firelighters which are adorned with dried flora and fauna.

Richard and Sargon also design their eight signature fragrances, working with one of the top three fragrance companies in the world. Visit their candle shop to discover the story behind every scent, from Bitter Orange and Ylang Ylang to Rose and Oud, to the more obscure Watercolour and Smoke – there is something to please everyone.

The public can also bring in their old candles to be recycled, whether it’s a tealight, in a container or coloured – the donated containers are then reused in the company’s side range, #reclaimedluxury. Each time you do this, credit will be added to a loyalty card which you can they use to grab yourself a new candle – who knows, it might even contain your old one!

This new space will also host workshops each month, for fans who want to learn how to make their own candles.

The Recycled Candle Company is open 7 days a week, 10am – 6pm, be sure to pop in and say hello.

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