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In a world that’s becoming more and more conscious of its footprint on our planet, consumers are on the lookout for a more ethical choice. That’s when Zero Exeter steps in.

Zero Exeter is a family-run zero waste food, home, gift and interiors store located at 127 Fore Street, in the heart of the city centre. For this week’s #FinditinExeter we chatted with Faye, founder of Zero Exeter and sister business Chuquy, to discover all there is to know about this little store with a very big eco-conscience.

Zero Exeter was opened by Faye and her family just 6 days ago, on Saturday 20th April, and it is already proving to be a staple in the green-consumers life.

Zero Exeter stocks a wide array of package free goods, where the aim is to undercut prices in supermarkets. You’ll find countless herbs and spices, dried pulses, pasta and rice, to dried fruit and cereals and not forgetting organic popcorn! Jarred cupboard staples fill the reclaimed shelves in Zero Exeter, alongside refillable oils and cleaning products. You can also head to this store to purchase hygiene products, artwork, home interiors, reusable jars, bottles and coffee cups and preserves that are a combination of locally made, artisanal, recycled and natural.

Zero Exeter has a strong connection to South America as that is where Faye’s husband is from and where they in fact met whilst she was backpacking. Jump forward several years and they are based in Exeter with a small family and their first business Chuquy: a collection of fair-trade interior pieces that are crafted from natural materials by herself and South American artisans, including Faye’s handmade ethical hammock chairs. Chuquy products are now stocked in Zero Exeter. Look out for Faye’s vegan cake of the month as well, where all proceeds will go to a school in Colombia.

So, grab your Kilner jars and go respect your plants and your people by shopping in Zero Exeter as your local supermarket.

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