Exeter is a beautiful blend of city life and the countryside. It has interesting architecture, historical significance and beautiful landscapes. It has so much to offer, not only students but to everyone who visits.

Being left all by yourself in a new city can be pretty daunting and boring. But in Exeter, you can leave those feelings behind. Exeter offers you so much that you will find that your days are packed with all sorts of adventures. There are some really cool stuff that you just have to do before you start your University life. One of the first things that you just need to see is the Exeter Cathedral. Surrounded by sprawling green lawns, this 900-year-old cathedral is undeniably a sight to behold. The gothic architecture truly encapsulates the historical essence of the city.

Red Coat Tours are free award-winning tours provided by the Exeter City Council and is the perfect way to see some of the hidden treasures that are Exeter has to offer. There is a different program that runs every day and you can pick a day that peaks your interest the most. Discovering a city can be tiring work and can really build up that appetite. It’s a good thing that Exeter has got an array of unique restaurants and cafes that have an irresistible personality; The Old Firehouse us a definite must for all first timers in Exeter. The Streatham campus is about 11 acres and you would not want to be lost on your first day of lessons. Sign up for a tour during the Fresher’s Fair and you will have the opportunity to meet other new students and some shortcuts from the tour guides- you’ll need it! Spend your first week in Exeter the right way, by exploring the wonderful city of Exeter.

Nadya Mohan

University of Exeter

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