The Great Big Rhino Project counts down

Visit The Great Rhino Project launches in Exeter this summer

With just 4 days to go until the Great Rhino Project trail begins, we are eagerly waiting to see the phenomenal sight of these life-size rhinos traipsing through our city! Yes, you heard correctly, rhinos are coming to Exeter!

Don’t fear, they are not real-life rhinos, but amazing creations of art. There will be around forty of these masterpieces gracing the presence of Exeter’s city centre this summer. You may have already caught the first sneak preview on the 9th of July, however if you missed this, there will be another opportunity for you to bask in their glory! The journey will begin on the 30th July and will run until October 9th 2016 passing through Exeter along the English Riviera with the trail announced on the Great Big Rhino Project website very shortly, detailing where to find these amazing creatures throughout Exeter. Once the trail finishes in October, the eclectic range of rhinos will be auctioned off to raise money for Paignton Zoo as well as Save the Rhino International.

The rhinos are each individually created by local artists and businesses in locations around Torbay and Exeter. This event follows on from the mass success of The Great Gorilla Project launched in 2013, where local celebrities such as Kirsty Allsop got involved in decorating one of these primal beasts! The event attracted a staggering amount of visitors and raised a fantastic amount of both awareness and money for the cause, and this is hoped to be replicated this year.

“The Great Big Rhino Project will showcase local creativity, engender civic pride, contribute to the cultural buzz of the area, stimulate the economy and generate brand awareness for sponsors.” Noted one of the project organisers.

Some of the remarkable works of art created on the rhinos for this year’s project include an Iron Man inspired creation that has certainly proved popular with superhero fans, as well as many other colourful, glittery and eye-catching designs.

Take this opportunity to head into the city centre and experience the culinary delights and shopping extravaganza that is offered when you visit Exeter whilst viewing these spectacular animals once the trail goes live on the 30th July.

Keep checking for more info on the city centre locations and much more!

Image: Rhino Mania under Creative Commons

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