Heritage Treasures Day – Saturday 11th January

As we power into the new decade why not kick the new year off with a look back into Exeter’s finest Heritage treasures? In a city filled with cultural and historic brilliance join us this Saturday in celebrating the spectacular rich heritage our city has to offer.


Exeter Cathedral

At the hub of the city lies the awe-inspiring Exeter Cathedral. Whether you reside here or are just passing through it is impossible to miss the stunning gothic architecture the Cathedral has to offer. With parts of impressive design dating back to the 12th century, Exeter Cathedral is a key heritage treasure for the city. A masterpiece of medieval craftsmanship it provides a historical as well as architectural glimpse into our country’s history and is a definite must see. Whether you’re a solo explorer or on a family day out, the Cathedral provides everything for everyone, from guided audio tours to private bell ringing roof top guides.


Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Looking for more of a family day out this Saturday? The Royal Albert Memorial Museum has a fabulous mixture of exhibitions and galleries for all the family. The perfect spot to delve deeper into Exeter and Devon’s rich heritage, the museum contains its very own natural history gallery full of exotic animals, birds and insects from all around the world. On top of this spectacular galleries of global treasures and prehistoric Devonshire artefacts will inspire any of you history geeks out there this weekend!


Exeter Underground Passages

For those looking for a more eccentric side of Exeter’s Heritage, Exeter’s own underground passages give you a glimpse into the medieval roots of our beautiful city and explore the intricate subterranean passages built to bring clean drinking water into the heart of the city. Packed with interactive exhibits and tours into the plagues, wars and sieges medieval Exeter endured over hundreds of years, it’s the perfect place to discover the city’s historical foundations and its transformation into the city we see today!


Exeter Castle

You cannot celebrate Exeter’s #heritagetreasures without visiting the stunning Rougemont Castle. A key historical landmark for the city of Exeter, Rougemont’s architectural and interior design offers years of mixed historical transformations and conflict. From walls of the Roman Empire to battlements of the 17th century civil war, Rougemont is hive of heritage history and information.  So whether you’re looking for that perfect Instafix or for a more enriching look into the medieval foundations of Rougemont Castle, head on over to celebrate one of Exeter’s most spectacular #heritagetreasures!


Devon and Exeter Institution

Situated at the historic heart of Exeter near Cathedral Close, the Devon and Exeter Institution offers a calm and peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of the city. A centre for research and reading as well as educational activities and cultural events, DEI is home to a collection of ancient documents uncovering the history of Devon and the Southwest.  It’s the perfect stop for any bookworm wishing to discover more about the origins of Exeter, and most importantly a #heritagetreasures day essential!


St Nicholas Priory

As one of Exeter’s oldest buildings, St Nicholas Priory is the perfect location to explore 900 years of Exeter’s history and heritage. From its medieval roots as a priory to its transformation into a Tudor home in the 16th century, St Nichols is an absolute must when exploring #heritagetreasures day this weekend. Taking you on a walk back through history with Tudor cooking demonstrations and in-depth tours into its religious origins, St Nicholas allows you to gain a wonderful insight into Exeter’s Tudor heritage.


Red Coat Tour

For those of you who don’t know where to begin in a city full of historic sites and architecture, Red Coat Tours have got you covered! Operating throughout the year, Red Coat’s free walking tours are the perfect way to explore the #Heritagetreasures Exeter has to offer! From the Cathedral to the Quay, Old & New, medieval Exeter and much more, Red Coat tours will give you the full heritage day experience; all you need is an open-mind and your walking shoes!


St Sidwell’s Community Centre- Heritage walk

Looking for a laid-back Saturday walk around the #HeritageTreasures of Exeter? St Sidwell’s Community Centre offers a free self-guided tour around Sidwell Street, the historic heart of Exeter. The walk covers a wide range of history including tales of witchcraft, plague and the tragic backstory of Saint Sidwell. The community centre itself is an independent charity working to strengthen the local community, located in a converted church built in 1958 after the original Anglo-Saxon Church was bombed in the 1942 Blitz – it’s definitely worth a visit this heritage day! Read more here: https://bit.ly/2QHG3zJ


So, if you’re keen to celebrate Exeter’s Heritage Treasures this Saturday, all of the above would be worth a visit, if you do share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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