Journey to the Impossible: An Intergalactic Christmas Adventure

Inspired by the novels of Jules Verne and 80’s sci-fi films, Journey to the Impossible at The Bike Shed Theatre will take families on an extraordinary adventure this Christmas.

The story begins in Fore Street Exeter on Christmas Eve. Calum, his best friend and his sister are bored waiting for the festivities to begin when they accidentally open a door to an inter-dimensional portal and the adventure begins.

Aimed at eleven to fourteen year olds but with children as young as seven welcome, The Bike Shed Theatre have teamed up with international company Little Soldier to create a show for an age group often overlooked at Christmas:

‘It can be a strange time of year for older kids and early teens’ said David Lockwood, Director of The Bike Shed Theatre. ‘You’re no longer excited by the idea of Father Christmas or the local panto but you’re not an adult yet. We wanted to create a show about that transition – one that brings back memories for parents and one that their kids can relate to.’ 

Set at a time when Walkmans and Bandanas were the latest accessories and The Goonies was the best film ever, Journey to the Impossible will appeal to anyone who grew up in the 80s. Add live music, comedy and hip hop dance to the mix and this show will entertain the whole family.

Little Soldier, who have teamed up with Radio 4 poet Matt Harvey, are known for creating slyly humorous productions with interactive elements to excite and involve the audience.

‘Many things at one point were thought to be impossible’ said Merce Ribot of Little Soldier. ‘It just takes someone to think differently and to imagine something new for possibilities to emerge. Through games and live challenges in the show the audience really will help us journey to the impossible!’ 

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