Life Guitars Co: Breathing new life into old instruments and the people who play them.

Music is a powerful thing. We attach memories to it. We escape into it. It can draw out deep feelings in a way that nothing and no-one else can. And in uncertain and challenging times, music plays an important role in peoples’ lives too, bringing them joy and peace. Enter Life Guitar Co, a brand new independent start-up based on South Street in Exeter, Devon.

Despite being a lifelong dream of Joff Alexander-Frye (one of the Owners and Founders of Life Guitars Co) to open and run a guitar shop, it was only a matter of weeks ago that he and his business partners decided to launch the exciting and life-giving project. And their vision? To give new life to old and used guitars, amplifiers and pedals.

Joff said:

“During lockdown, my business partners and I were discussing how best to keep our existing ventures healthy whilst also wanting to futureproof ourselves and look for opportunities to launch something new. At a basic level, it was a fifteen minute conversation which then developed over a matter of days and essentially led to us setting up Life Guitars Co. It just felt right.”

He continued, “As an exclusively second-hand guitar shop, all of our gear is pre-owned. All that a guitar needs is a bit of love and care put into it and, before you know it, you’re holding an instrument which looks and feels like new but has the benefit of having been played and aged over the years (often making it more of a pleasure to play than a brand new instrument).”

The small but perfectly-formed guitar store is located at 70 South Street, an area of the city which is starting to evolve into a hub for creatives and artists alike.

Daniel Frye, another Owner and Founder of Life Guitars Co commented:

“With a fantastic Coffee House next door and plenty of other vibrant independent retailers in the area, we’ve been delighted to see how well we have already been received into the local indie retail scene here in Exeter. We’ve also loved meeting lots of fantastic local guitarists who have come in to welcome us and eye up their potential next purchase. We’ve already introduced lots of guitars to their new owners in our first week of being open, as well as a bunch of amplifiers, pedals and guitar accessories too. It’s been a great start!”

He continued, “Launching a business during lockdown and a global pandemic sounds crazy, but people are passionate about music and many people turned to their hobbies to distract themselves during lockdown. Whether that was biting the bullet and finally starting to learn an instrument or people trying to improve their playing. Either way, guitar sales have soared in recent months and we wanted to provide a more accessible route to owning a guitar.”

Joff added, “Our guitars range from £99 to over £1000 and we believe there is something for everyone in our store. As a purely second-hand store, our stock is changing at least daily, if not hourly, so you never know what treasures you’ll find at Life Guitars Co. We also love the fact that buying a pre-owned instrument encourages re-using and upcycling, making a purchase from us a more environmentally-friendly purchasing decision.”

So, with a positive vision, a passion for guitars and a desire to breathe life into the local indie business scene, Life Guitars Co are set up and ready to rock!

Check out , or follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out more and follow their journey. Or, of course, pop down to 70 South Street to meet the team, try some guitars and feel alive.


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