Meet the Face with owners of The Flat on Fore Street, Chloe and Pietro

The Flat’s recipes are inspired by vegetarian and vegan living. Made with freshly prepared and ethically sourced organic ingredients, the team create their pizza bases in-house (including a gluten-free alternative) as well as homemade vegan mozzarella & parmesan.

Not only does The Flat offer an outstanding selection of tasty pizzas they also serve up a scrumptious ‘Deli Board’ consisting of pickled onions, homemade pesto dip, chili dip, bread sticks and lampascion
The idea behind The Flat is to make beautiful pizza that people can enjoy in a relaxed and friendly environment. Combining Italian skill and passion for pizza, with English flavours and produce, Chloe and her partner Pietro wanted to create a menu that everyone could enjoy.

The Flat has been open for almost three years, so Chloe has many great memories to look back on saying, “There have been so many glorious experiences, with wonderful staff and costumers, it’s hard to think of just one. I think from a very selfish point of view, the decision we made to not open in the daytime & to only be open five nights a week has meant we can just about manage to have a good work-life balance. Anyone who runs their own business knows there are always things to do and if we let ourselves, we could be working 24/7 and it’s just not sustainable in the long run. It might sound corny, but even now, knowing we get at least one whole day off together makes all the difference.

Chloe feels right at home on Fore Street saying, “Fore Street, in our opinion, is one of the best streets to have an independent business on in Exeter. We have a beautiful, close-knit, supportive community, with new great businesses opening each year. I have lived on the street for a decade and each year it grows in charm and character: I don’t think could imagine The Flat fitting in so well anywhere else.”

Chloe continues, “My partner Pietro also owns the business and it’s his pizza making skills that mean we have a great trade! We have a small but perfectly formed team of six. We are totally blessed to have found great staff, now and in the past, who bring so much to the life and success of the restaurant. We really couldn’t do it without them, so I often bring them cake just to reinforce how much we appreciate them!”

As the Flat goes from strength to strength, Chloe is thinking of new ways to grow the business. Expanding their offer with events on Sundays and possibly even jarring their own pesto so that their customers can take a taste of The Flat home.

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