Whilst the days are long and we’re apart from friends and family, staying in touch has never been more important.

InExeter’s #OutoftheBlue campaign aims to help us send a small token to remind someone who needs to hear it, of the days when we can come back into the city and meet once more. Send an Independent Gift Card #outoftheblue for a loved one to spend in the city when we re open, and at the same time you’ll be supporting local economy, local business and people.
And this year, supporting local matters even more than ever.

Some gifts are big,
Some gifts are small.
Some gifts to say thanks,
Some gifts for cheer.

So sending this,
Is just to say
Thinking of you
And all that you do.

Sending you an
Independent Gift Card

We’re all in this together; let’s find ways to spread some kindness to see us through.

Share your OutOfTheBlue moments and gifts using the #outoftheblue.

Buy a card by clicking the link here.



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