Promote your business - share a film

We’re asking you to send over a short film of you and your business. We will put all of these together and share as part of the #WeSupportExeter campaign and the Stronger Together Task Group’s first campaign that will be launched very soon.

We would like you to introduce yourself and your business and tell us how you are trading, ie online, through social media, or if you’ve set up a new way of trading altogether.

Pick out new products and show them off. But, most importantly say how customers can find you online, include your website address and your social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
We would also like to hear from those who are currently unable to open and how you will be back, even stronger.

The clip only needs to be between 45 to 90 seconds long and please hold your phone horizontally when filming, this is makes it easier to collate and publish on all our platforms.

Here are a few tips…
• If you can, use the back camera as this is better quality, you may need help from someone to position it
• Please keep the camera as still as possible, preferably on a stand or similar
• Use natural light from a window to light you rather than from overhead lights

There are a few things that we will need from you.

We will need your consent to use your clip, please send your written permission for your video to be used across our social channels to

And please send your final video files via to

If you need any help or guidance, please feel free to contact us.

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