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If you’re a student looking to explore Exeter then this is the page for you! We spoke to some students from Exeter University to find out some of their favourite spots in the city, have a read of the blogs and be inspired to discover more of Exeter

  • A whirlwind weekend in Exeter

    Find yourself lost for inspiration of how to spend a weekend in Exeter? Look no further as this article will give you ample activities to squeeze into 48 hours.



  • Bite into Exeter City Centre

    Student life doesn’t just revolve around campus, there are some great places in Exeter to grab a bite, grab a drink, and have a laugh.

  • Take a shot at Exeter's nightlife

    As you’ll soon realise going out and unwinding is an important part for all students. Use this guide to help you plan all those big (or small) nights out in Exeter!

  • First week in Exeter

    Exeter is a beautiful blend of city life and the countryside. It has interesting architecture, historical significance and beautiful landscapes. It has so much to offer, not only students but to everyone who visits.


    Exeter has a wide-ranging independent scene, from Magdalen Road, to Fore Street, and then onto Gandy Street. Don’t just fit in with the crowd and try something new this month!



  • Swap your study spot in Exeter

    If you’re looking for a place to study, Exeter City Centre has a vast array of great bakeries and coffee shops for you to choose from.

  • Veggie-Friendly in Exeter

    Check out the vegan and vegetarian friendly options that Exeter has to offer.

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