Veggie-Friendly in Exeter

Check out the vegan and vegetarian friendly options that Exeter has to offer.

We all know that eating out is not easy with dietary requirements. Fortunately, Exeter has a plethora of restaurants offering not only vegan and vegetarian options, but in many cases a completely vegan menu. If you’re not yet familiar with the meet-free world, you can discover new fascinating flavours. It’s cruelty-free and it’s yummy – a non-guilty pleasure.

Our journey through the herbivorous sites of Exeter will start in the Mount Pleasant area.

No 1 Polsloe

One of the most Instagrammed venues #InExeter, this tiny café is extremely popular among veggie students. It is a lovely place with conscious owners and friendly staff, and most importantly, delicious food. There is no better way to finish off your weekend than with Sunday brunch at No 1 Polsloe. Nevertheless, you need to get there early to avoid disappointment.

Highlight: Smoothies, veggie breakfast

The Rabbit Café

Situated next to Seasons, a vegan-organic shop, this café is a hidden gem on the map of Exeter. Fully plant based, Rabbit offers a menu divided into two parts: the Vice, consisting of vegan junk food such as the beloved vegan quarter pounder bad boys, and the Virtue, for enthusiasts of healthier options. On top of that, there is a selection of vegan cakes.

Highlight: Cakes, lunchtime meal deal

The Plant Café

They say you have never truly experienced Exeter if you’ve never been to the Cathedral and to the neighbouring Plant Café. A mix of frittatas and ciabattas with healthy salads does not disappoint. You can enjoy all of that sitting outside on a blanket in front of the Cathedral – a picnic in a city centre.

Highlight: Salads, outdoor space

The Old Firehouse

One of the main evening destinations of Exeter students, the Firehouse serves an excellent choice of vegetarian and vegan pizzas. Known for its taste and size enjoyed in a mysterious atmosphere, the food makes you come back. Often. 

Highlight: Greek pizza

Anna Pawluk

University of Exeter

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